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#1 2013-07-07 13:07:59

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Fun in the wilderness

Playing the latest WIP.

Got a wilderness level at depth 33.  Normally, as a mage, these scare me because I usually run out of mana before I run out of monsters, but this time I have a weapon of much smiting - The Spear of Orome and enough strength and dex to get multiple blows with it.  Even ogres go down with a whack or two.  Which means I can save my mana for the monsters that I really don't want to melee, and all of the firebreathers.

Except that this level also included 3 vaults.  I've never seen a level with 3 vaults before.  One Master Lich, an Emporter Wight, an Ancient Gold Dragon, Greater Mummy, Impact Hounds, a Storm Giant, and a bunch of mature dragons.  The following uniques: Azog, Mim, Ulwarth, Lorgan, Maedhros, Maglor, and Lokkak.

Have the basic resists, but not poison.  Resist confusion and blindness, at least.

Open the vaults (one at a time, I'm not *that* crazy) and out they come.  Nowhere to hide.

Lived up to my name.  Much running (teleporting) away.  I lived.

5 dungeon spellbooks, one of which I could use, a potion of *Healing*, potion of Augmentation, some stat potions, Iron Crown of Lordliness, and a mess of branded and slay weapons.  No artifacts.

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