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#1 2013-08-10 13:39:09

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Final NPPMoria and NPPAngband 7.0.0 released!

The final NPPAngband 7.0.0 and NPPMoria 7.0.0 have been released.

NPPMoria is a re-creation of David Grabner's UMoria 5.5.2.  By using NPPAngband as a starting port, essentially UMoria 5.5.2 was re-created with about 20 years worth of UI improvements.  For those not familiar with the Angband UI, this includes:

Current ports for Windows, MAC, and Linux OSs. 
Color  (much easier to notice Ancient Chromatic Dragons)
Targeting (no longer have to line up with a monster to cast a spell or fire an attow at it)
3 complete tilesets (8x8, 16x16, and 32x32)
Much more advanced monster AI
Mouse support (a player could play practically the entire game without touching a keyboard if they chose to)
Bigscreen mode (not limited to 80x24)
Multiple windows (can display information in separate windows such as the character screen, list of visible monsters, etc)
Detailed help files
Much more legible source code, and edit files for most sets of game information (monster list, object list, player classes, races, etc)
Ability to choose from multiple fonts.
Ability to use macros
Dozens of minor improvements

NPPAngband and NPPMoria share the same cource code repository (99 % of the source code is be identical for both games).  For anyone compiling themselves, the variable "game_mode" can be set to 1 to automatically play NPPAngband, 2 to play NPPMoria.  If it is left at zero, the game starts with a menu prompting the player to choose between the two games).

For NPPAngband, version 7.0.0 contains only minor differences, some code cleanup and about a half-dozen bug fixes from NPP 6.1.2.  Changelist below:

Add moria game mode, based on UMoria 5.5.2.
Added opportunity to do a shield bash on a monster as in Moria.
Reduced frequency of ghost challenges.
Multiple sidebar and ui improvements by 'kaypy'.
Code cleanup provided by dlevin.
Reduced alertness for several Ainu uniques.
Bugfix:  Fix inconcistency when describing damage from ammo.
Bugfix:  Fix display of equipment flags on equipment screen.
Bugfix:  Fix bug in calculating monster speed variances (found by kaypy).
Bugfix:  Commands could sucessfully be repeated while confused.
Bugfix:  Fix multiple missing 'break' statements (found by "runningaway").
Bugfix:  When using the look command, the cursor did not display when animate flicker option was on.

The links are:

Souce Code:

NPPAngband Windows Binary:

NPPAngband Moria Binary:

(MAC disc images coming soon.  Both games can be quickly compiled for the mac using XCode, and at a command line typing: "make -f makefile.osx")

Github respository:


#2 2013-09-06 16:15:09

NPPAngband Maintainer
Registered: 2004-07-01
Posts: 1,647

Re: Final NPPMoria and NPPAngband 7.0.0 released!

I have updated the files to fix a few bugs.  I didn't want to change the version number or link because of the NPPMoria comp going on right now, but here are the fixes:

NPP 7.1.0:
Bugfix: Composite bows were not working properly.
Bugfix: Fix swap weapons with the roguelike keyset
Bugfix: Fix height and weight ranges for all Moria races.
Bugfix: Fix shortened names for Orcs ad Orc Warriors
Bugfix: Rangers could not read or cast from the mage spellset.
Bugfix: Create food spell was broken.
Bugfix: Equipment activations for were not working.


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