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#1 2013-10-19 16:49:48

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Final NPPMoria and NPPAngband 7.1.0 released

The final NPPAngband 7.1.0 and NPPMoria 7.1.0 have been released.  This release fixes about a dozen bugs. 

Souce Code:

NPPAngband Windows Binary:

NPPAngband Moria Binary:

The complete changelist is:

(Moria) Use words to show the players speed ("fast", "slow") rather than numbers (+1, -1)
Misc code cleanup found by "Runningaway".
Bugfix (Moria): Composite bows were not working properly.
Bugfix: Fix swap weapons with the roguelike keyset
Bugfix(Moria): Fix height and weight rangess for all Moria races.
Bugfix(Moria): Fix shortened names for Orcs ad Orc Warriors
Bugfix(Moria): Rangers could not read or cast from the mage spellset.
Bugfix(Moria): Create food spell was broken.
Bugfix(Moria): Equipment activations for were not working.
Bugfix(Moria): Cloaks of protection had the resist shards flag (no shard attacks in Moria).
Bugfix(Moria): Elves resisted light and half-orcs resisted darkness (neither attack exists in Moria)
Bugfix(Moria): 10 Monsters who should have had the "teleport player to monster" spell had the "teleport monster to player" spell.
Bugfix: The spit acid attack and last attack description was occasionally mixed up (found by "Runningaway")
Bugfix: Several defective break statements allowed the monsters to learning about player resisistance to sound and chaos a little too quickly.
Bugfix(Moria): The themes themed chests were not being calcualted correctly (found by "Runningaway").
Bugfix: Uniques marked for a guild quest could still be placed outside of the quest level, potentially causing game crashes.


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