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#1 2014-02-16 19:34:40

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So, picked up again after a break (last version unknown, but over 1 year old).

Many changes, but all good. The multiple-monster info is good. The additional weapon info is great.

I can't post a *winner* as all have been cheated, but overall, the start-to-end experience is better. If questing, the biggest challenge remains the first 'd' pit without confusion resistance. Those golds and bronzes make it hard. If there are chaos or power drakes, it's near-death or worse. But, this is ok.

Did you tone-down Azathoth? It fell more easily on each occaision, and seemed to be less smart.

The Valar pits remain interesting. A superb source of artifacts, but with >10 Greaters, they only seem possible with ASCs.

Arena quests are also interesting. A combo of gravity and time hounds will mean death - for any character, no escape seems possible. Hiding places are hard to find, perhaps rune scrolls could be added to other common-drops?

Creation (or buying) of quest artifacts: Launchers are underpowered. I've scummed this to check. If I get an artifact quest reward, the power given to melee / any armour is greater than those granted to launchers. I'd LOVE the option to have 'neutral' rings / amulets that can be artifacated by quest rewards (or enough cash in 9).

It's defo a better game than the one I gave up last year.

Kudos & thanks...


#2 2014-02-17 20:04:00

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Re: 7.1 comments

Welcome back, Tig.  Glad you are enjoying it. 

Launchers might be a little underpowered now that damage from archery has been re-done a little bit.  I will look into that.

Azathoth was toned down a little, but it should still be something that has to be run from frequently.


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