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This is my first win in under 1 million game turns. I usually play quickly (most wins in under 24 hours) but have never worried too much about the actual turn count and used to maximise stats before diving too deep, wait to kill all uniques before taking on Morgoth, etc. Playing to a turn limit totally changes things! Many previous characters died in the attempt or were suicided after taking too many turns.

For a mage, the key to accelerated progress seems to be getting a couple of INT potion rewards early on. This character's hit points were good but not exceptional (only three vitality boosts) and no significant speed items until the mid game; however, he received two potions out of the first three quest rewards, which combined with a helm of intelligence just about doubles the available mana, allowing him to clear monster pit quests *very* quickly.

Progress was quick leading up to level 25 then a slow patch as the quests and general environment got relatively harder while the character was not yet tough enough to handle them comfortably. Progress picked up after CL 35 as simply clearing the deeper quest pits and uniques kept the CLs ticking over nicely.

Morgoth required only 6 potions of restore mana and 4 potions of *healing*/life, and was reasonably straightforward.

BTW, this character is lucky to be with us as he was twice taken down to 0 hit points, first time in mid-game and second time around CL 40 when he found himself with 0 hit points, cut, poisoned and stunned. Phew! Thank god for those vitality boosts.

[NPPAngband 0.5.0-BETA6 Character Dump]

Name   Erenna                            Self RB CB  EB   Best
Sex    Male           Age     115 STR! 18/100 +1 -5  +9 18/150
Race   High-Elf       Height   99 INT! 18/100 +3 +3 +22 18/380
Class  Mage           Weight  187 WIS:  18/99 -1 +0  +3 18/119
Title  **WINNER**     Status   76 DEX! 18/100 +3 +1  +7 18/210
HP     982/982                    CON! 18/100 +1 -2 +14 18/230
SP     393/393        Level    49 CHR:  18/98 +5 +1 +12 18/278

GameTurn      820903  Armor  [27,+170] Saving Throw     Heroic
PlayerTurn    168239  Fight  (+32,+19) Stealth       Legendary
Cur Exp      9395991  Melee  (+49,+38) Fighting      Legendary
Max Exp      9395991  Shoot  (+43,+11) Shooting      Legendary
Adv Exp       954009  Blows     5/turn Disarming        Superb
MaxDepth     5000 ft  Shots     1/turn Magic Device  Legendary
Gold        10007099  Speed        +18 Perception       Superb
Burden       331 lbs  Infra     180 ft Searching     Excellent
% Burden        110%

You are one of several children of a Telerin Mage. You have
light grey eyes, straight black hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> There is a cracked granite wall in the way.
> In your pack: The Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth [0,+0] (+125) {cursed} (r).  (Squelch Failed)
> The rods are all still charging <2x>
> In your pack: The Mighty Hammer 'Grond' (9d9) (+5,+25) [+10] (u). 
> The air about you becomes charged...
> You are getting hungry.
> You feel yourself yanked upwards!
> You are full!
> The Blubbering idiot drools on you.
> You hit the Blubbering idiot.
> You have slain the Blubbering idiot.
> You hit the Singing, happy drunk.
> You have slain the Singing, happy drunk.
> You have found 12 gold pieces worth of copper.
> There is a permanent wall in the way.

  [Character Equipment Stat Modifiers, Sustains and Flags]

(+/-) +++ ++++ ++

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