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#1 2008-09-22 00:35:22

From: Helsinki
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Ranger YAWP

I've been trying Rangers for a long time, one every now and then ever since the Ranger was Druidified.

I hate bows, so once I got some melee going I pretty much turn into a Paladin. Coincidentally Paladin is my next project as I want to make a more in depth check that the Priest Tweaks don't wreck them. Also more work on testing Priests.

Also, despite the fact that it felt like a really long game it was under 900K game turns, which suprised me. I guess I'm not as slow as I thought.

  [NPPAngband 0.5.0-BETA6 Character Dump]

Name   Telor                             Self RB CB  EB   Best
Sex    Male           Age      68 STR! 18/100 +1 +2  +7 18/200
Race   D

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