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#1 2008-12-12 03:46:00

From: Helsinki
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A nice way to start a day.

At work, when I have no pending tasks and there are no customers in, I get to play NPP. Things are in a waiting pattern here, so that's how I got to start my day today. I load up a particulary lucky Kobold Warrior (found speed rings at dlvls 38 and 43, +6 and +10 respectively) who's pretty much all set. First order of the day is a quest for Mouth of Sauron.

Kit is:

=oSpeed +10
=oSpeed +6
Gloces of Power (+3,+4) (+2)

HP 958, 6 blows with about 60 damage each against him.

I leave everything Drainable home, get some Res_Fire potions and utility scrolls and go for it.

End result: The gloves, Avarri and Amrod are disenchanted into uselesness, I quaff 14 potions of healing and 4 potions of life. I once got him down to 50% health and 33% mana, but otherwise his Healing and Mana restoration keeps him up and running. I give up and TP_level into safety.

So, apparently +26 speed while hasted, 360 damage of attacks, 958 HP, 15 !oHealing and 4 !oLife isn't good enough for a dlvl 65 monster. yikes

Then to make the day perfect as I'm resting at around 350 HP and waiting for recall to kick in, i get the following messages:

You feel yourself slow down
Azathoth, the Lord of Darkness blinks into view.
Azathoth, the Lord of Darkness breathes nether.
You die.

Nice. So this is what happens to the first of my 30+ Kobold Warriors that I get below dlvl 60 with more than +8 speed.



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