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#1 2008-08-12 11:11:03

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Map marked by Detects

I have rather fallen in love with this in other variants. If it isn't too hard maybe this can be looked into sometime.

The specific functioning was rather like clearing 'fog of war' in various game, war/starcraft etc.  So casting Detect Traps would clear a circle of the haze, letting a player know when they are about to enter an undetected area. Maybe adding as well a confirm or Disturb when leaving detected areas. Especially if you use the run command in a long corridor, you can vastly outrun the previous detected area, and with NPP traps that can easily be fatal.


#2 2010-10-13 08:03:05

NPPAngband Maintainer
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Re: Map marked by Detects

This has been added in 0.5.1.  Thanks.


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