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#1 2005-06-06 16:31:58

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identify.spo by Tomas Dedorson (Twilight)


Release Date : June 6, 2005
Author: Tomas Dedorson (Twilight).

This spoiler was made for NPPAngband 0.4.1, but much of the material can be used in other variants as well.

I've recently been playing ironman warriors and have gained some useful experience in doing so. It's of course vital for ironman warriors to save identifies. Here I'll give some of my personal strategies for identification of objects. In this part we look into identifying flavored objects without having access to an identify spell in any form. Flavored objects are mushrooms, potions, scrolls, wands, staves, rods, rings and amulets.

I've been prioritizing using identify for rings and amulets, so I'll not go into them here. I'll only  note that you can use remove curse scrolls. Especially on known but unidentified Damage/Stat/Speed etc rings. This catches all those that are cursed (of course).

Disclaimer : Since I've not been playing Ironman that much, it's certain to be lots of tricks missed and faults in this spoiler I've missed as well. It's meant as a guideline and help. Further refinement and other tricks are of course not hard to be found.

I just eat these and take the hits to stats as they come. I try to be slightly hurt and under at least one of the four "conditions" that mushrooms help with (poisoned, blinded, feared and confused) when eating. "Hugging" a jelly/mold can help with this. The only drawback with this is that Mushrooms of the condition you are in can become {tried} as well. If you have patience you can first eat the mushroom without being under any condition and then do it the other way with the second one found. Keeping notes for those tried can help here.

All this might sound complicated, but takes very little gametime. Clean up a level leaving some mushroom or jelly (fear, poison). Before leaving consume collected mushrooms/potions while dancing with these.

Mushroom checklist (not always obvious when consumed) :

Cure Poison
Cure Blindness
Cure Paranoia
Cure Confusion
Cure Serious
Restore CON
Restore STR

I quaff these as they come. Trying to be below max HP and poisoned at least. See above for more on this. There are (small) dangers here with quaffing a potion of Ruination/Death/Detonations. This can be avoided by waiting until you've found at least two of a potion, since the odds are extreme that you'd get doubles of one of those before one of the more common/shallower potions. Level feelings help with potions found on the ground. Ruination is native to 2000 ft, Death to 2750 ft and Detonations to 3000 ft and all are quite rare. Keep notes on those that fail to be identified by this "poisoned"-test and refine testing or identify. Example of a refinement are hugging molds for fear and see if you have a potion of Boldness.

Potion checklist (not always obvious) :

Slow Poison
Neutralize Poison
Drain Mana (for warriors at least)
Restore CHA
Restore STR
Restore INT
Restore WIS
Restore DEX
Restore CON
Restore Mana
Restore Lifelevels

Ruination (2000 ft)
Death (2750 ft)
Detonations (3000 ft)

I read these beside a door or a trap, trying to have objects, traps, doors on the map panel. Better yet to have a ghost nearby. All this to catch as many of the unknown scrolls as possible. If there's no effect be sure to search/detect for traps, since you can have read Create Traps.

The danger lies in scrolls of Curse Weapon/Armor. They are *common* at 2500 ft, so lucky level feelings for ground-found scrolls or the "two of each" - approach might be advisable. At least when you get deeper. Keeping notes is good as always on those that fall through a test. You can always strip down naked as well, when reading unknown scrolls deeper down, but it's tedious.

Scroll checklist (not always obvious) :

Treasure Detection
Object Detection
Detect Invisible
Trap Detection
Door/Stair Location
Trap Creation
Trap/Door Destruction
Remove Curse (often it falls down to this and Detect Invisible being    unidentified. Then either identify or read near a ghost to separate)
Dispel Undead (2000 ft)
*Remove Curse* (2500 ft)

Simply use them on monsters (not dangerous) to find out what they do.
If no effect, try damaging the monster to check for heal monster. Use on different monsters to check for sleep/slow/scare and confuse effects, since some are immune to these. Try on traps as well. Have a wall in LOS in the direction you're zapping to catch Stone to Mud.

Here I use the approach of trying one charge with less than full HP while (See scrolls) trying to catch the "detect-staves". Then try in sight of monsters (not dangerous). Keep notes on those that fall through tests and refine the tests or finally identify.

Staff checklist (not always obvious) :

Treasure Location
Object Location
Detect Invisible
Trap Location
Door/Stair Location
Haste Monsters
Slow Monsters
Sleep Monsters
Detect Evil
Remove Curse
Dispel Evil
The Magi

If you're not playing ironman the stat-drains are trivial. If you're having a go at ironman then it can cause trouble (lower number of attacks etc). You will get mushrooms and potions that restore stats later on, but one safety net is to buy a restore potion of the most important stat if you're playing with shops open at the start. As a warrior this is affordable (sell armour/weapon and/or pointbased). You can plan the characters attributes with these drains in mind.

Finding this out may be a little over the top, but it can be done. Not too hard either if you have some (small) skill in calcing "in your head".

The bonuses can be found out, rather exactly, empirically with a little effort. It's hard to give exact advise here, but noticing changes in the health-bar on monsters with known exact hitpoints or a large number of hits on a single monster gives close to exact info. If you know the damage formulas in combat (which can be found in vanilla spoilers for instance) the calcs can be made quickly and exactly (+/- 1 is normal). This saves identifies when choosing between weapons.

As said, this last may be a bit too much fiddling with the numbers, but it's doable.

Of course I inscribe all identified items in ironman with bonuses, resistances etc. Amnesia can be really annoying otherwise.


In this part of the spoiler I give various tricks, ranging from the obvious to the more obscure, of identifing ego-items without the spell(whatever the source) if you have "heavy" pseudo-identify. That is - you can get excellent feelings for the ego-items in question. I compiled these methods while playing ironman warriors in NPPAngband 0.4.1.

Note that use of inscriptions on the items in question is an obvious help in remembering what tests has been done (especially for resistances).

1) Check if the weapon gives a change in stats. If so :
  a) Westernesse *Slay Animal* and *Slay Orc* are obvious.
  b) +STR : test against trolls and giants to separate these.
            Or test for regeneration(*Slay Troll*).
  c) +WIS
     i) Check rFear (Hug a mold) : Holy Avenger.
     ii) If no rFear, separate Blessed from *Slay Evil* by checking
         +WIS. If it's 3 it's a Blessed weapon. Otherwise hard -
         check for slay evil in combat (diff between evil/other
         creatures for the weapon)
2) +Light radius and no bonus to WIS is a Gondolin. The last check
   because Blessed and *Slay Evil* weapons can have Perm Light.
3) +Stealth means that the weapon is a Defender (can be missed
   though if the bonus to stealth does not rech a new breakpoint
   when showing the stealth in the character screen (for instance
   still remains Good). Can test for Feather Fall (walk into
4) +Blows : Extra Attacks or of Fury if it aggravates (easily tested)
5) of Elements can be tested in combat or by testing for resistance.
  Resistance can be seen in combat or by stripping down and
  quaffing resistance potions (or of Self Knowledge obviously), since
  in NPP you get different messages for double resists vs normal
6) of Slays and *Slays* can be tested in combat.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Westernesse     +STR, DEX, CON
*Orc*           +DEX
*Animal*        +INT
*Troll*         +STR
*Giant*         +STR
Holy Avenger    +WIS (Sustain)
Blessed         +WIS (Ability)
*Evil*          +WIS (Ability)
Gondolin        +Light radius without +WIS(!)(Ability)
Defender        +Stealth (Sustain)
XAtt            +Blows
of Fury         +Blows, Aggravate

1) Buckland, Lothlorien obvious.
2) Shots and not Light Crossbow : Extra Shots.
3) Extra Shots and Light Crossbow. Identify for knowledge. Can go
  with empirical combat data as well.
4) Extra Might, Power and Accuracy. Empirical combat data or identify.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Buckland        +DEX +Shots (sling only)
Lothlorien      +DEX Might FA (bow only)
Extra Shots     +Shots not Might (If not Light Crossbow - obvious)
Haradrim        +Shots +Might Light Crossbow only

Xtra Might      These three are hard to test except to see which
Accuracy        delivers most damage in combat..................
Power           .........

1) Telepathy, Stealth, Wisdom, Intelligence & Infravision are obvious.
2) Test for Sight by !oBlindness or Mushroom of same ... Li/Da breaths
  etc. Or See Invisible tests (Ghosts).
3) Test for Bravery by hugging molds.
4) Otherwise it's Brightness. Confirm with rDarkness test.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Telepathy       ESP
Stealth         +Stealth
Wisdom          +WIS
Intelligence    +INT
Infravision     +Infravision
Sight             Blind, SI
Bravery         Fear
Brightness      Darkness

1) +(STR, CON) means it's a Dwarven armour.
2) +Stealth means it's of Elvenkind.
3) Gather info about armour :
  a) Check for resistances by quaffing potions in "stripped mode"
     or in combat.
  b) Note if the armour is affected by acid attacks.
  c) Cast Acid (or Fire on Soft Armour) Balls on armour when of
     Elements is worthless. This weeds out all of these but rAcid
4) Robes unaffected by acid can be of Permanence as well. Check for
  Sustains, Hold Life.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
rElements      Acid filters out all except rAcid
Elvenkind      +Stealth (HiRes)
Permanence     Sustains, Hold Life (Robe only, HiRes)
Dwarven        +(STR, CON) (Heavy Metal only)

1) +INT means it's of the Magi.
2) +Stealth without stat change - Stealth/Aman.
3) Aman has immunity and ignores the elements - easily tested.
4) Confirm Protection by rShards.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Magi            +INT (Ability)
Prot            Shards
Stea            Stealth
Aman            (IMM)Stealth

1) +Stealth means it's of Elvenkind.
2) Gather info about the shield :
  a) Check for resistances by quaffing potions in "stripped mode"
     or in combat.
  b) Note if the shield is affected by acid attacks.
  c) Cast Acid Balls (rod, wand, spell) on shield when of Elements is
     worthless. This weeds out all of these but rAcid.
3) Sustains, Hold Life : Preservation.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
rElements       Acid filters out all except rAcid
Elvenkind       +Stealth (Hi Res)
Preservation    Sustain (STR,DEX,CON), rDis, Hold Life (Hi Res)

1) Might, Wisdom, Beauty, Lordliness, Seeing, Infravision, ESP are
2) +to Light radius. Separate Light & Night and Day by checking for
  r(Light, Dark, Blindness) and See Invisible.
3) +INT. Separate Intelligence from of the Magi by checking the bonus
  to INT. If it's 3 it's of the Magi. Otherwise hard, but test for
  abilities. Or test for any resistance stripped. If resist  : Magi.
4) Separate Regeneration from Serenity by seeing if you regenerate
  hitpoints/mana. Confirm Serenity by hugging molds (*not* the
  shimmering ones smile )to check for rFear. Easiest, but checking for
  rConfu (potions, mushrooms) and rSound (Hounds etc) is doable.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Might           +STR,DEX,CON
Wisdom          +WIS
Beauty          +CHA
Lordliness      +WIS,CHA (Ability)
Telepathy       ESP
Seeing          Searching, Blind, SI
Infravision     +Infra (Infra in charsheet)
Light           +1 Light radius without stat bonus
Ni/Da           +1 Light radius Li/Da/Bl/SI
Intelligence    +INT (see Magi) MAX +2
the Magi        +INT (see INT, Ability)MAX +3. Resistance.
Regeneration    Reg
Serenity        Fear, Conf, Sound


1) +DEX, +Search : Thievery.
2) +DEX not Search : Agility.
3) +STR,CON : Combat.
4) +STR only : Power.
5) Separate Slaying/FA by
  a) If Melee increases in character screen : Slaying.
  b) Otherwise FA. Confirm by checking for slow.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Thievery        +DEX +Search
Agility         +DEX
Combat          +STR,CON Aggra
Power           +STR
Slaying         Better Melee
Free Action     No Slow/Paralyze

1) Speed/Elvenboots obvious. Separate (if necessary smile ) by stealth or
  Feather Fall.
2) Stealth and no speed is obviously Stealth as well.
3) FF/FA/Stability/(Stealth if no breakpoint in character screen)
  See Below.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Speed           +Speed
Elvenkind       +Speed +Stealth
Stealth         +Stealth only
Free Action     Not slowed/paralyzed
Stability       Nexus (Hounds/Vortex)
Slow Descent    Confirm : Traps (Pits/Trap Doors), but must have been
               tested for Nexus to be sure of not being Stability.

1) +STR : Earthquakes. Otherwise Digging.

Ego item        Distinguishing mark
--------        -------------------
Earthquakes     +STR
Digging         Not +STR

One final note :
Of course I don't use much of the above at all times, since many of the items become redundant quickly. For instance after finding a decent weapon, you usually can do just a quick check on a weapon to check for + to Stats, Light radius, Stealth or Blows. If not ditch it, since you can disregard the Slays, *Slays* and Elements. At least until deep.

~ MegaKurt


#2 2005-10-11 19:12:35

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Re: identify.spo by Tomas Dedorson (Twilight)

Personally in NPP mushrooms seem pretty pointless.  There are a few heals and etc, but the main beneficial effect always seemed to be stat fixing, which is largely unnecessary in NPP.  I guess in ironman they matter more.

It feels like mushrooms could be reconsidered in light of the NPP services, and made more interesting somehow.


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