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#1 2013-05-05 19:04:37

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NPPAngband and NPPMoria 7.0.0 beta-1 released!

NPPMoria 700 Beta-1 has been uploaded.

This is a re-creation of Moria 5.5.2 with the many Angband ui improvements over the last 20+ years, such as targeting, monster health bars, multiple windows, color display, mouse support, etc.  It also has NPPAngbands 4GAI, themed chests, and some other features from NPPAngband.  It should be a fairly bug-free and playable beta, but by no means a polished version.

Besides de-bugging, the two biggest things on the NPPMoria to-do list are to update the help files and change the bow slot to a swap weapon.  I held off doing this just because it is the change that is most likely to cause alot of problems.  So I wanted to be confident in all the other changes before I worked on the swap weapon slot.

The links are:

Souce Code:

Windows Binary:

Github respository:

The complete changelist for NPP 7.0.0 Beta-1 is:
Add moria game mode, based on Moria 5.5.2.
Added opportunity to do a shield bash on a monster as in Moria.
Bugfix:  Fix inconcistency when describing damage from ammo.
Bugfix:  Fix display of equipment flags on equipment screen.


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