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#1 2015-03-10 21:17:02

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NPPAngband/Moria QT Port (Windows) Beta-1 released

For anyone willing to playtest tor try out the new QT port beta, here is a link to a windows binary:

This beta is for people who are willing to play around with it, and give feedback on how well it works on various machines.

The zip file is about 43 MEGS. It includes a deployment package with all the .dlls and other dependencies necessary to play the game. To play, you just have to unzip the game in a folder of your choice, and click on "NPPGAMES.exe". This is assuming QT added all of the necessary .dlls and plug ins for all of the different versions of windows. Please let me know if any are missing.

The game should be stable and not too buggy at this point. You can play a complete game of either NPPAngband or NPPMoria, however still to come are several vital features for an enjoyable game (macros, multiple windows).

I need to create deployment packages for the MAC and LINUX as well. Although anyone who downloads QT can just download the source, compile and play on any platform.

It will be interesting to see how well QT handles the large variety of screensizes out there.

For any display bugs, e-mailing me a screenshot is probably the best way to let me know what is wrong.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing any constructive feedback.


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