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#1 2015-11-17 10:19:09

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Should punching be allowed multiple attacks

Not sure if it is or not, and this is likely a base angband function.
I started up a warrior.  I was testing that punching was doing damage again (it is).  However I noticed that my warrior had two blows with his default broadsword, but only got one with a punch.  I would think that at least the martial type characters should be able to punch something at least twice in a normal round.  It appears even some of the heavy pole arms give a 2nd attack at +1 str +0 dex and the dagger gives me 4 attacks with this starting character.

Of course there is the question of why anyone would do punching unless you are starting with no equipment and no stores. As soon as equipment is available the punching is no longer used.  4 d1 is still not superior to 4 d4. A high to-damage mod could make 4 d1 be better than 3 d4.

I guess there might also be a further complication of base hand armor contributing to the punching attacks, metal gauntlets could slow the number of attacks but give a higher base die to roll.


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