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#1 2016-02-10 09:52:41

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Duplicated message in messages window

Started a new game with a fresh unzip of 8.0.2.  The message window shows 'You can learn 1 more prayer' twice.  The main window message box does not show this, nor does the message popup window (Ctrl-L)

edit: Restoring the save game does not store the duplicated message in the message window.

Edit: I think I see a possibility of the issue.  When you load a save file and have spells to learn, the game generates a message informing the players that spells are available to learn.  My guess is that is happening at the beginning of the game.  A message gets written to the messages windows (which doesn't clear) and then the game 'starts' and generates a message that spells are available to learn.

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#2 2016-02-13 19:34:38

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Re: Duplicated message in messages window

The fix for the message window displaying old information from an old character also fixed this one.  Thanks,


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