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#1 2015-11-26 13:06:16

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Permanent wall color in ascii

I was playing on a new computer (at the in-laws) and was looking at the tile sets somewhat.  I noticed all the tiles sets have a different tile for the permanent wall vs the granite wall.  The ascii set has the same color for both.

One of the things I usually change is the permanent wall color in terrain.txt (I usually did dark blue to make it stand out).  I had not change it and used the downloaded terrain.txt. 

Since all the tiles sets are setting precedence can we change the color for the permanent walls in ascii.

(the other major thing I use to be able to do a long time ago was make custom spell/prayer books with the spells in order and in less books, when i think python was still part of the code)


#2 2016-03-19 08:33:05

NPPAngband Maintainer
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Re: Permanent wall color in ascii

How about silver for the permanent walls? 

As for the spell books, you could do that back when there was LUA code.

You can re-arrange the spells in each book is edit the tables (spell_list_nppangband_druid, spell_list_nppangband_mage, etc) in tables.cpp.   

What is a little more complicated is changing the max spells per book, or the max number of spellbooks.  In theory, changing this and the entries in the edit files would work without any issues.  But as the buglist on this forum shows, there are usually some unforeseen consequences.  It would probably cause a crash or two before it worked well.


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