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#1 Re: YACDs/YAWPs/etc » [7.1.0] Death by reading wrong label on bottle » 2017-05-02 09:19:12

Just remember that each reincarnation to read the label and not assume that the same color of potion works the same. wink

#2 Re: General Discussion Taproom » RL keeping me busy » 2016-06-27 11:10:00

Tell me about it.  Too much work for me too. wink

#4 Bug / Error Reports » Throwing iron shots of backbiting at Morgoth causes a game crash » 2016-04-01 10:54:38

Replies: 2

Was testing out throwing cursed items at Morgoth to see if there was odd effects and it appears the curse application causes the game to crash

#5 Bug / Error Reports » Still a crash item hiding somewhere. » 2016-03-28 16:54:07

Replies: 1

Got a game crash on closing the death window after dying the 2nd time in a session, restarting from the original death save file.  Not able to recreate it yet. Windows open were viewable monster, viewable object and message.

#6 Fixed Bugs » Typo in description of Pit or Nest Quest » 2016-03-24 17:01:53

Replies: 1

Completing a Pit of Next quest increases

#7 Bug / Error Reports » Display issue on character equipment info window and player info scree » 2016-03-24 16:21:03

Replies: 0

Wearing a robe of permanence (sustains all abilities) and wielding a morningstar of *Slay Evil* (increases wisdom) as dunadan

{mostly talking the ability label on these}
With neither my CON is shown sustained as a bold blue underline

Wield morningstar, Wisdom is now bolded and green

Wield robe, all abilities are bold blue underlined (along with the underlined S under the armor)

Wield both, all abilities but wisdom is bold blue underline, and all under armor show underline s,
Wisdom is bold blue and there is a green +1 under the weapon.

Should Wisdom be bold green and underline, as it seems blue and underline give the appearance of it being sustained , or at lease have the underline

#8 Bug / Error Reports » Knowledge -> home Inventory window starts out small » 2016-03-24 14:44:13

Replies: 0

I have 4 items in the home.  I did a home inventory and the window it put it in was inside the size of the knowledge window so there was extensive wrapping of the text.  All text was displayed and the window was re-size-able so it is no more than a minor annoyance.

#9 Re: Suggestions / Feature Requests » Adding sounds » 2016-03-19 17:18:18

As long as someone stops finding game breaking items, he will get to be able to work on it too.  smile

#10 Bug / Error Reports » Cheat options not showing full info in messages window » 2016-03-16 14:58:17

Replies: 0

Not really used them before, but it appears that the cheat options(cheat_hear) are not always, but sometimes, being shown in the messages window.  It appears the messages are available in the messages pop-up.

Also maybe perhaps a leading symbol or color to help them stand out

#11 Bug / Error Reports » Quest level not generating unique monster for quest. » 2016-03-16 14:12:23

Replies: 0

I loaded a save file on the quest level, I was tasked to find Smeagol on level 2.  I went around searching for him and never did find him, Activated wizard mode and still he is not there.
I don't have the save before falling thru a trap door into the quest level, also don't know how to recreate the issue.
One thought is that the unique monster was not stored in the save file, but that should not be an issue.
It is a level 2 quest so there should not be much to affect a quest monster and most questees are immune to some effects anyways.

#12 Bug / Error Reports » Questionable grammar in monster detailed knowledge » 2016-03-15 15:11:27

Replies: 1

1 of your ancestors remains been killed by this creature, and He is not ever known to have been defeated.

Should "remains" be "has" or "ancestors" be "ancestor's" with a "has" before "been"
Should "He" be "he"

and minor wording possibly on the creature I have for this detail

He doesn't take to strangers kindly.
Should this be
He doesn't take kindly to strangers.

However, it somewhat seems okay the way it is.

#13 Bug / Error Reports » Should a unknown creature that kills you go into monster knowledge » 2016-03-15 14:07:37

Replies: 0

I was killed by a clear worm mass as stated in the notes.  it does not appear in the player knowledge when I start a new game.  Should a basic entry be generated if one does not exist if the character is killed by an unseen monster, or should the notes entry state that the character was killed by an unseen entity?

#14 Re: Bug / Error Reports » 8.0.4 crash when starting » 2016-03-15 13:41:19

Looks like line 222 of player_screen.cpp where it

// This should only receive equipment labels created in the function below
// For efficiency's sake, this is not checked
static void update_equippy_labels(QList<QLabel *> this_list)
    for (int x = 0; x < this_list.size(); x++)
        QPointer<QLabel> this_lbl =;

#15 Re: Bug / Error Reports » 8.0.4 crash when starting » 2016-03-15 13:27:09

replicated the first scenario in the debugger
(start new game all windows open, die on level 1, create spoilers look other items, restart game with save file (using the menu bar individual selection of the save file), get a crash before the game can start again.

>~"\nProgram received signal "
>~"SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.\n"

>~"0x6b7f0fcb in QtSharedPointer::ExternalRefCountData::getAndRef (obj=0x1d4d6ef8) at tools\\qsharedpointer.cpp:1328\n"
>&"1328\ttools\\qsharedpointer.cpp: No such file or directory.\n"
>*stopped,reason="signal-received",signal-name="SIGSEGV",signal-meaning="Segmentation fault",frame={addr="0x6b7f0fcb",func="QtSharedPointer::ExternalRefCountData::getAndRef",args=[{name="obj",value="0x1d4d6ef8"}],file="tools\\qsharedpointer.cpp",fullname="C:/Qt/5.5/mingw492_32\\qtbase\\src\\corelib/tools\\qsharedpointer.cpp",line="1328"},thread-id="1",stopped-threads="all"
dState changed from InferiorRunOk(11) to InferiorStopOk(14) [master]
<22importPlainDumpers off
sStopped: Segmentation fault (Signal SIGSEGV).

#16 Completed Suggestions » include option to open all closed windows, close all open windows » 2016-03-15 13:07:29

Replies: 1

Allow the user to open all the windows or close all the windows with a single menu bar command.

#17 Bug / Error Reports » 8.0.4 crash when starting » 2016-03-15 13:03:39

Replies: 3

Just tried out the new version.
Downloaded and unzipped and changed my permanent wall terrain color
opened all windows
options set autoscum, all display and birth money to on playing ascii tiles with solid walls on, turned off targeting buttons.
Played a bit (testing for ghost file gen), went down, found something (was blind as I bought no torch), died.
Played with the close window options a bit, including a create spolier that I don't normally do.
Attempted to start a new game off the save file, after starting there was a crash.  (had all windows open for both starts to try to see if it would crash).

Try to narrow down the cause, and I sometimes get a crash on a initial start and sometimes on a 2nd start after dying in a first round.

Playing with all windows closed allow me to do a restart without a crash, so there must still be something in the window code somewhere that it does not like.

#18 Re: Fixed Bugs » Crash when starting a new game with character equipment screen open » 2016-03-11 21:25:48

No, I don't play in debug very often.

I am considering that artifact, though I thought something like slay bugs (louses) would be fun (kinda of useless though) but i don't think it exists.

#19 Fixed Bugs » Priest light spell different effects » 2016-03-11 17:54:44

Replies: 1

Light in a room use a white graphic
Light in a corridor uses a bluish graphic
Is this intentional?

#20 Fixed Bugs » Throwing broken swords (with great accuracy) » 2016-03-11 17:01:46

Replies: 1

I threw a couple of broken swords and the results seem a bit strange

"You have no more Broken Swords (1d2) (-2,-4) (j). The Broken Sword (1d2) (-2,-4) hits the Giant white mouse. It was a good hit! The Giant white mouse dies. The Broken Sword disappears."

"You have no more Broken Swords (1d2) {unknown} (j). The Broken Sword (1d2) {unknown} hits the Green worm mass with great accuracy!.
The Green worm mass is unharmed."

The worm mass above even stayed asleep even though it was 'hit'  The broken sword later pseudo-id to average.

Should the first sword have done damage?  Str 16 Dex 13, no other positives or negatives in play (wielding a short bow if it matters)

Should the 2nd sword have stated with great accuracy?

Should the monster of woken up when being hit by zero damage?

#21 Re: Fixed Bugs » The title bar of the detailed knowledge dialog is NPPGAMES » 2016-03-11 16:19:24

I see that the pop_up_message_box may not allow this.

The options dialog however looks to be a QWidget that can take a setWindowTitle for it
I did it on mine

updated optionsdialog.cpp with

#22 Fixed Bugs » Crash in rest menu » 2016-03-11 15:36:57

Replies: 2

Found this one today.  Pressed capital E in the rest menu.  Actually it is pressing the shift (left) that cause the rest menu to crash.  Also Ctrl (left) crashed it

Starting C:\NPPAngband_QT-Jeff\NPPQT\NPPGAMES.exe...
ASSERT: "uint(i) < uint(size())" in file ..\..\Qt\5.5\mingw492_32\include\QtCore/qstring.h, line 851

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
C:\NPPAngband_QT-Jeff\NPPQT\NPPGAMES.exe exited with code 255


several exits with code 03 after this

#23 Re: Fixed Bugs » Crash when starting a new game with character equipment screen open » 2016-03-11 15:01:39

I am getting this output for closing the game (it appears it is crashing nicely since the user does not see it).  this was using the x button on the main window to close the game

>~"\nProgram received signal "
>~"SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.\n"

>~"0x004357c0 in MainWindow::win_mon_list_destroy (this=0x18046018, this_object=0x194082b8) at ..\\NPPQT\\src\\qt_win_mon_list.cpp:532\n"
>~"532\t    mon_button_group->~QButtonGroup();\n"
>*stopped,reason="signal-received",signal-name="SIGSEGV",signal-meaning="Segmentation fault",frame={addr="0x004357c0",func="MainWindow::win_mon_list_destroy",args=[{name="this",value="0x18046018"},{name="this_object",value="0x194082b8"}],file="..\\NPPQT\\src\\qt_win_mon_list.cpp",fullname="C:\\NPPAngband_QT-Jeff\\NPPQT\\src\\qt_win_mon_list.cpp",line="532"},thread-id="1",stopped-threads="all"
dState changed from InferiorRunOk(11) to InferiorStopOk(14) [master]
<22importPlainDumpers off
sStopped: Segmentation fault (Signal SIGSEGV).

#24 Re: Fixed Bugs » Crash when starting a new game with character equipment screen open » 2016-03-11 08:39:24

see if this helps

>~"\nProgram received signal "
>~"SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.\n"

>~"0x0065ba31 in clear_layout (layout=0x1a80e520) at ..\\NPPQT\\src\\utilities.cpp:974\n"
>~"974\t    while (QLayoutItem* item = layout->takeAt(0))\n"
>*stopped,reason="signal-received",signal-name="SIGSEGV",signal-meaning="Segmentation fault",frame={addr="0x0065ba31",func="clear_layout",args=[{name="layout",value="0x1a80e520"}],file="..\\NPPQT\\src\\utilities.cpp",fullname="C:\\NPPAngband_QT-Jeff\\NPPQT\\src\\utilities.cpp",line="974"},thread-id="1",stopped-threads="all"
dState changed from InferiorRunOk(11) to InferiorStopOk(14) [master]
<74importPlainDumpers off
sStopped: Segmentation fault (Signal SIGSEGV).

#25 Re: Fixed Bugs » Crash when starting a new game with character equipment screen open » 2016-03-11 08:17:46

Crash is still occurring on opening with certain windows or combinations of windows open when starting.  I get the error crash after character generation screen and before the town level full displays.
I get the crash with only the character equipement window open when starting, having all other windows open and not that one allows the launch.

It appears the crash at game close might be resolved however, just let a character die and no error ( i was seeing it was crashing pressing the close button and not when pressing esc to close the death window, but did not have enough data yet to tell )
Edit:, maybe not has it just crashed pressing close

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