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#1 2013-02-11 11:37:03

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Quest reward balance

Last month I played a recent version (6.1.0 Beta1?) and had two games in which quest rewards seemed better than usual. Further, there seemed to be obvious payoffs for declining quest rewards, whereas usually it seems to make almost no difference to subsequent quest rewards whether you decline or not.

But now things seem to have reverted back to how they were, with generally poor quest rewards, almost no stat/HP gain rewards (these seem even rarer than they used) and no obvious benefit for declining quest rewards.

Has something been tweaked recently, or was I just extremely lucky in those two games?

It seems that the quest reward balance has deteriorated a bit, as I used to get the occasional stat/HP gain reward within the first three quest rewards with previous versions, but this has not happened once yet in Beta2 or Beta3. Quest rewards seem less interesting in general, which is a shame.



#2 2013-02-11 20:02:38

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Re: Quest reward balance

No changes.  Quest.c has been unchanged for over 2 months.  It must have been a string of bad luck.


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