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#1 2013-08-23 11:53:31

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Quest reputation and rewards

Using NPP 7.0.0

Started a new Ranger character and decided to track the quests and rewards.
So far;

100' - 11 Novice Paladins, Reward 726gp (deferred), Reputation - insubstantial
250' - 14 Priests, Reward 960gp (deferred), Reputation - insubstantial
400' - 18 Forest Wights, Reward choice of armor in the +3 to +5 range, Reputation - insubstantial
550' - Ufthak of Cirith Ungol, Reward choice 5x Armor of which 2 were of Resistance or StatGain, still insubstantial
750' - Shaggrat, Reward 3 weapons and 2 armor choices normal except for gloves of Slaying, or StatGain, still insubstantial Rep
900' - Ugluk, the Uruk.  Not attempted him yet.

Just from a quick glance it looks like Deferring is either broken, or serves little purpose as the 400' Armor choice would be basically worth the 100' rewards coin value.

Reputation Gains, look to be rather "insubstantial" smile

So is there little or no point to deferring rewards? And Rep gain will be very slow?


#2 2013-08-24 16:41:03

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Re: Quest reputation and rewards

Rep gain is rather slow with monster quests.  It goes much quicker with pit/next and level quests.  In addition, the bonus from deferring quests won't be all that great from monster quests as well.  It gets better with the harder quests.

But quest rewards are always a little bit randon.

Remember, statgain quest reward is a permanent stat gain, not like a potion.  It is the equivalent of letting your stat max out at 18/110 instead of 18/100.


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