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#1 2015-12-15 13:51:04

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Probably not a bug but question design decision

I was surrounded by three mobs of urchins (who is leaving all the kids on the streets?)  I have 21 of them in LOS 1 out of LOS.  I thought the scroll bar on the side bar was broken, but I realized that there are only 15 hp bars displaying in the sidebar, thus my display was at the point where it was just a few pixels above what was needed to display the scrollbar.

So the question is more along the lines, is 15 a limit on the side bar by design and should it be. (knowing that some large rooms can contain large numbers in LOS)

Also what is the order that they are displayed, as I punched a few of the kids to track them and the order does not seem to be by closest or hp amount or hp remaining.
Currently I have one of my wounded ones that is in LOS that is not showing in the sidebar.


#2 2015-12-19 11:18:26

NPPAngband Maintainer
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Re: Probably not a bug but question design decision

Yes, the limit is 15 on the sidebar.  This is done for efficiency reasons.  The sidebar update gets slow if many monsters are in LOS, such when the contents of a pit/nest are detected.

The order of priority should be:

1) targeted monster
2) Adjacent monsters
3) monsters in LOS, but not adjacent
4) visible monsters outside of LOS (detected by spell or telepathy)

Inside of those sub-groups - they are sorted by monster level, with uniques given a higher priority on the list.

So currently damage does not factor into the equation.  The damaged creatures already have a health bar on-screen.  Maybe for non-adjacent monsters distance should play a factor.  The priority is to display the more dangerous monsters. 

What do you think?


#3 2015-12-28 18:20:14

Registered: 2004-10-11
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Re: Probably not a bug but question design decision

I will have to look at it when I get something where I have several types, to see.  The test at the top was mostly all the same creature.  1 was not obvious but makes sense.

Distance especially for melee monsters would be a consideration for the danger factor.

Now being able to target a sidebar monster directly could be handy (double click for sidebar)


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