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#1 2016-02-24 17:02:21

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NPPAngband and NPPMoria 8.0.3 (Qt Port) released

NPPAngband 8.0.3 and NPPMoria 8.0.3 have been released, which fixes all reported issues (that I could recreate).  The most important reason to update to this version is fixing a bug that was causing a crash when a monster is fleeing the player near a destroyed area. 

The changelist is mostly fixing bugs, but there are a couple new features:
Fix a bug that causes the game to crash when a monster is fleeing near a destroyed area.
Improve saved settings for the extra windows.
Add central knowledge screen using the '~' button.
Added shortcut key for the overhead map.
Changed overhead map to show most interesting squares from a 2x2 area.
Fix some screen re-draw issues.
Misc code cleanup.
Using the mouse wheel to zoom the dungeon in and out automatically centers on the player.
Initial player ghost challenge now appears in red text.

Source Code:

NPPAngband and NPP Moria Windows Zip file:

NPPAngband and NPP Moria OS X dmg file:


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