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#1 2016-03-13 13:11:58

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NPPAngband and NPPMoria 8.0.4 (Qt Port) released

NPPAngband 8.0.4 and NPPMoria 8.0.4 have been released, which fixes all reported issues (that I could recreate), and adds some new features.  The most important reason to update to this version is fixing 2 bugs that could cause the game to crash; one when the player had the equipment or inventory window open during character creation, the other when a modifier key (shift, ctrl, alt) key was pressed while the rest dialog is open.  The complete changelist is:

NPPGames 8.0.4
New Features:
Added object squelch, ego-item squelch, and quality squelch dialogs.
Add information button on object and monster window lists, so the player can get information about a specific object/monster.

Fix a crash bug when the player presses a modifier button while the rest dialog is open.
Fix a crash bug when the equipment or inventory screen is open during character creation.
Spellpoint color turned red too early.
Monsters would not wake up if they were attacked for zero damage (from cursed weapons).
Fixed some issues with the screen refreshing.
Player ghost templates were not recorded on player death.
Ammo fired from quiver did not go back into quiver on pickup.
In store dialog, weight capacity did not update when player strength changed.
Clarified description for the etheral wall.

Source Code:

NPPAngband and NPP Moria Windows Zip file:

NPPAngband and NPP Moria OS X dmg file:


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