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#1 2016-03-24 16:21:03

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Display issue on character equipment info window and player info scree

Wearing a robe of permanence (sustains all abilities) and wielding a morningstar of *Slay Evil* (increases wisdom) as dunadan

{mostly talking the ability label on these}
With neither my CON is shown sustained as a bold blue underline

Wield morningstar, Wisdom is now bolded and green

Wield robe, all abilities are bold blue underlined (along with the underlined S under the armor)

Wield both, all abilities but wisdom is bold blue underline, and all under armor show underline s,
Wisdom is bold blue and there is a green +1 under the weapon.

Should Wisdom be bold green and underline, as it seems blue and underline give the appearance of it being sustained , or at lease have the underline


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