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#1 2016-05-08 07:34:03

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NPPAngband and NPPMoria 8.0.5 (Qt Port) released

This is a mostly bugfixes version with some new minor features.  Anyone playing the NPP 8.0.X series should upgrade to this version, as there was an issue with the placement of Morgoth and Sauron on their respective levels.  The complete changelist is below:

NPPGames 8.0.5
Make permanent walls silver.
Randomly generated resists/slays/*slays*/brands are now shown in the ego-item name (e.g. a sword of slays now displays as a sword of slay evil and troll).
The buttons in the object menu are better aligned.
Add menu command to open or close all extra windows.
Suppress messages for squelched objects when being destroyed by a projection attack.
During arena and labyrinth quests, remove the addition of scrolls of Mass Banishment.  For spellcasters, add a staff of the magi as a possible item for placement.
Prevent random artifacts created as a quest reward from causing aggravation.
Improve the strength of random artifacts from quest rewards.

The screen occasionally didn't refresh during word of recall.
Typo in pit/next quest description.
Fix size of overhead map inside the overhead map window.
Fix bug with targeting while using hotkeys.
Fix crash bug during player birth creation that happened if the player had certain extra windows open, and the player has closed a previous game without exiting NPPGames before starting new character.
Fix some grammar issues.
Fix name of tiles for Morgoth's special artifacts.
Fix bug with display of self knowledge output.
Fix bug when choosing from multiple chests to open.
Fix the display in the self-knowledge window.
Fix the default selection of Ainu/Servants of the Valar in the banishment dialog screen.
Monsters in vaults were not holding the vault objects underneath them.
Fix some issues with character file dumps.

The Source Code, a Windows binary and MAC OS version is available for download here:


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