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#1 2008-09-08 18:00:17

TONPPAMF Maintainer
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Minor Demon Strongholds

I had to take out 280+ of these little guys. I tried to stay in the beginning corridor but a Tengu finally teleported me into the middle of a large room with about 20 other Tengus (it was hard to count them). I got really dizzy after that! As a level 21, I was not too worried but finally had to ?WoR out and instantly failed the quest. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to deal with these quests? The other demons would be easy except for the mass Tengu teleports!

~ MegaKurt


#2 2008-09-09 07:33:52

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Re: Minor Demon Strongholds

My technique with mages is to use Stone To Mud to extend the starting corridor into a long corridor around the periphery of the entire level, where possible extending branches towards the centre as long as they don't actually open onto the main stronghold area.

As you build this surrounding corridor nearby Tengus will pop in to say hello and can be picked of easily one-by-one. When all Tengus within range have been killed, then open the surrounding corridor onto the rest of the level and pick off the remaining demons.

Of course this depends on starting the level in a suitable corridor to begin with - either clsoed off or far enough away from the nearest Tengu.



#3 2008-09-10 14:04:32

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Re: Minor Demon Strongholds

Never seen a minor demon s/h before. However yesterday, I took on a monster quest for 17 Wolf Chieftans. One room had 3 of them in it, each with a huge escort. A large part of ech escort were Blink Dogs. There must have been about 50 of them, so I understand what you mean by 'really dizzy'. Thankfully, no harm came to me, and the quest was (eventually) completed.



#4 2008-09-19 00:19:17

From: Helsinki
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Re: Minor Demon Strongholds

With the exception of Mages, I usually let myself get teleported around, wacking non-Tengu Demons that come next to me and shooting them when they aren't. The order of priority for killing stuf is 1. Homonculus (because I almost never have FA that early) 2. Quasits (conserving my 4+ blows) 3. Imps 4. rest.

I try to have some -oTele_Away with me for getting rid of the little Fire demons. (Bodaks? or something) If I know these will be around in numbers, I get Res_Fire and scum dlvl 1 for some potions of the same.

Most of the time I never take level quests, just to avoid Demon Strongholds.



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