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#1 2011-04-04 11:14:58

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Failing monster quests

NPPAngband wrote:

For monster quests only, (not pit/nest quests, vault quests, or themed level quests), you can do a quick stair-scum (go down and then immediately back up the steps).  A new level will be generated, and any remaining unkilled monsters will be re-created. 

Some spoilerish information on failing monster quests:  If you leave a monster quest level, on game turns equally divisible by 1200 (every 120 turns at normal player speed), if a one-in-20 test succeeds, you fail the quest.  So if you do have to go back to town, if you check your turn count, time things right, and be quick about it you have a good chance of getting back down to the quest level without failing.

~ MegaKurt


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