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#1 2012-02-15 12:03:35

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Vanilla's v4 Beta

I hadn't played around with Vanilla in, well, a very very long time. Since ZAngband came out iirc. What I knew of Vanilla development was only seeing those portions adopted by the Variants I played.

So last night on a whim I went to DL Vanilla and try it out, instead I found the beta of their next version 4.0. So I DL'd that and checked it out for a while. WOW! There are so many core changes it is more classed as a Variant in its own right and not the progression of the core line.

+Hit & +Damage have become an entirely new system of Expertise and Prowess. Separation of evasion from Damage reduction and armor class. Ego/Artifact items are built a new, they say simpler, way. Stats modified to support the new mechanics. Tunneling looks interesting as they show you now expected turn it would take to tunnel with that weapon, and some can NEVER remove some terrain.

Tried a Ranger, currently Ranged combat is BADLY broken, so avoid bows at all costs. Fired a 30 arrow quiver at a white centipede in my first room, 30 shots only the 1 Crit hit did damage the rest nothing...
Tried a Warrior, seemed to hit things well, and damage them as well, fights ran longer.
Trying a Mage next...


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