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#1 2013-01-07 20:37:58

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NPP 610 Beta-1 released

Here is a mostly bugfix version.  The main new feature is considerably more information about weapons/ammunition/bows and the damage they do in combat.  Complete changelist so far is below.  I can now offer Mac binaries as well, that work on Mountain Lion 10.4.

Souce Code:

Windows Binary:

Mac Binary:


#2 2013-01-07 20:40:09

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Re: NPP 610 Beta-1 released

NPP 6.1.0 Beta-1 changes:
Special artifacts are no longer offered as quest rewards.
Increase the potential bonus from deferred rewards by 50%.
Added help file descriptions for the new quest rewards.
Adjusted Ancient blue, green, and white dragons to 65 spellower (down from 100).
Added more appropriate messages for when breathing monsters use beam attacks.
The object selection menu now includes object weight.
verify_leave_quest now verifies before casting word of recall spell on quest level.
change default setting for some options.
Revised the scale for guild reputation and player titles based on new quest system.
Helpfiles now specify that poison resistance prevents the player from getting poisoned.
Various tweaks to wilderness and labyrinth quests.
Changed rarity of scrolls of summon unique from 8 to 4.
Revised combat - slays/weapon branding now increases the amount of damage dice
before damage calculation rather than multiplying the damage afterwards.
Slightly revised calculations for critical hits, throwing and shooting.
Much more detailed descriptions of weapon damage when (I)nspected.
Unusual terrains now only appear on 25% of the regular dungeon levels.
Bugfix: Typos on the mage darkness storm name and plasma bolt spell short description.
BUgfix: The druid spell elemental weapon only lasted for 5 turns.
Bugfix: The guild sometimes offered dungeon spellbooks the player already has seen.
Bugfix: Objects created and rejected as potential guild rewards still counted towards the total rewards offered.
Bugfix: Removed obsolete reference to old store inventory system.
Bugfix: The guild sometimes overwrite bookstore inventory when generating rewards for players
        with a very high flayer fame, causing the game to crash when the bookshop inventory was shuffled.
Bugfix: Fix inconcistencies of telling players about objects theyare not aware of yet.
Bugfix: Unidentified flavored special artifacts were not dislaying thier flavors.
Bugfix: The game sometimes set up a quest below max depth (6400').
Bugfix: Monster messages were sometimes coming in the wrong order (The monster attacks you.  The  monste wakes up.)
Bugfix: Fix multiple grammar issues of spells being described as "casts spells which cast....".
Bugfix: A shopkeeper's race was describes as "Dundan".
Bugfix: Fixed typos in the brigand and rogue descriptions in te helpfiles.
Bugfix: Verify using the !* inscription wasn't working.


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