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#1 2013-06-18 20:57:13

Registered: 2010-09-30
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Visual preferences keep resetting on game exit

I'm having a problem getting my preferences to save. It started when I was trying to get solid walls.

I went into the font.prf and removed the # from the lines next to the windows font section. I went into the visuals menu and found all the #s and changed them to character 127, a solid block. But every time I go back into the game, the options have all reset.

Is it because I use one save file? It took a long time to find all the #s in the visuals menu sad

Any help would be appreciated.


#2 2013-06-19 18:45:58

Registered: 2012-02-27
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Re: Visual preferences keep resetting on game exit

There is a separate file for preferences.  Once you have everything set up, go into the options menus '=' and choose 'o' to save.  Next session, use 'l' to load it again.

Long term, I'm thinking about adding an entry to the display options to use the extended characters without having to mess with the pref files.


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